Personal Event Chef

Enjoy unforgettable experiences with your own personal chef.

Welcome to Personal Event Chef A Personal Chef Service where food is my passion! I want to offer you outstanding food personalised to your own tastes and prepared in your home. As a personal chef, I can make that a reality. Whether it be from daily meals, specific nutritional diets, to the ultimate fine dining experience and larger functions.

The Personal Chef Service gives you time to come home and relax together after a long day. Forget the stress of long check out queues and the poor quality of convenience foods full of preservatives, chemicals, and pesticides. Instead, imagine arriving home and heating up a homemade, top quality meal while relaxing together over healthy appetizers and salads.

I also cater for private parties (Birthday Parties, Baby Showers, Engagements and more)  ranging from hors d’ourves to multi-course meals. Great for holidays and special occasions where you can spend your time hosting and enjoying your company without the hassles of shopping, cooking and cleaning up.


 Discover a world of fresh, delicious, local foods that contribute to a healthier, more relaxed lifestyle. Transform the nightly rush into a fine dining experience shared in the comfort of your own home. Call Personal Event Chef today!!




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